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In May, go your own way

En mai, fais ce qu’il te plaît There’s a French expression: “En avril, ne te découvres pas d’un fil. En mai fais ce qu’il te plaît.” (In April, don’t go out underdressed. In May, do what makes you happy.) It sounds better in French. It’s… Lire la suite »In May, go your own way

April with the Big Elephant

Personal updates It’s April vacation in France, which is two weeks long. I love the school calendar here. The general pattern is six weeks of classes, then two weeks of vacation. This is nice for kids and teachers. A little more complicated for parents, but… Lire la suite »April with the Big Elephant

Final Friday, March 2023

I’m trying something new – a final Friday update. I usually have a lot of ideas and resources that I want to share with my athletes, and it seems more efficient to do so in a blog post than individual emails. This will be a… Lire la suite »Final Friday, March 2023