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Why hire an online running coach?


In this information age, there is no shortage of resources for athletes to find training plans, schedules, strategies, etc. Books, podcasts, websites, blogs, Insta stories, video tutorials, smart watches, wearable technology, and on and on. These sources are incredible, and the vast majority of them are free. So why should any runner today need to hire a coach?

Well, if all this information hasn’t led to athletes running injury-free and setting PRs at every race, maybe there’s an element missing in the equation…


A good coach can help you make sense of the overwhelming amount of data out there and help you focus on the metrics that matter for you as an individual. A good coach can help you stay motivated, set goals, reassess after setbacks, provide feedback and help you get back on track. A good coach helps you see the big picture. That comes with experience.


A good coach can help you identify areas of improvement and make a plan to grow. Sometimes having that person in your corner who believes in you, even when you’re not sure can accomplish something, can make all the difference.

Smash goals

We all have our own perceived limitations. A coach can help you break through to a level you didn’t know you were capable of. I’m a firm believer in setting big goals. That doesn’t necessarily mean setting a PR or qualifying for Boston. It might be a passion project, attempting an FKT route, a destination race, or just rediscovering the joy of running strong, whatever your level.

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