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How to balance life stress and training stress

Cross training of late.

Life stress = body stress

Coaches and sports performance experts of all stripes agree: your body doesn’t differentiate between training stress and regular old life stress. So if you’ve got a lot on your plate, it’s not a great time to train hard.

I am living this experience right now as we undertake the complex task of packing up our entire lives here in France and moving them back to the USA. There’s an endless list of things to do, and my training has necessarily fallen by the wayside. This is natural, and it’s ok. As endurance athletes we can be tempted to always be training, always be putting up big numbers on Strava, always pushing the envelope. You can’t do it all.

So, how to balance? Planning! It’s important to pick and choose the times in the year when it makes sense to reach for those big goals. Sometimes you have to just be ok with having other priorities. Conversely, take advantage of those times when you know you have extra flexibility. You might even be able to design your own “training camp”.


The Tour de France kicks off this weekend, and I can’t wait. I have loved the Tour ever since I first learned about it back in high school. Such an epic event, such incredible locations, the brinksmanship, the extreme endurance. There’s nothing like it. It was fun watching the Netflix documentary series released a few weeks ago recapping last year’s Tour. My only complaint is I wish they had made an episode for each stage. There’s drama and heartbreak in every single stage. I recommend the show if you haven’t caught it.

Training insights

For my TeamRunRun athletes, I highly recommend checking out some of the “Talk with the Experts” recordings available on the TeamRunRun website. I attended the most recent talk on running form, with coach Ryan Woolley, and I really enjoyed it. It got pretty technical and was super interesting. It gave me some cues to think about on my next run. To find the recorded talks, you need to be signed in on the TRR website, then navigate to to “TRR Community” – “Talk with the Experts”. You can even re-watch my talk on goal-setting, if you’re into that kind of thing ­čśü

I hope your month of June has brought lots of fun days outside!

For me, it’s been a lot of paperwork, cleaning, packing, organizing, and… power washing. At least the power washing is outside.

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